Episode 36 Tracklist

This Is America – Childish Gambino (Fantastic 4 Artist)
Sassy – Rapsody (Fantastic 4 Artist)
Choices – E40
Baton Stan Pt.3 – Caleb Brown
Give Her Some Money – Malibu Mitch (Fantastic 4 Artist)
Loved Ones Ft. Rapsody – Pryme
1985 (Intro To The Fall Off) – J Cole
Change – J Cole
Know Better Ft. Ryan Lane – Eli Flash
Currency Exchange – Lambo Numbas
All Night – Children Of Zeus (Fantastic 4 Artist)
F__k It Off Ft. Chris Brown – Tee Grizzley
Beef Ft. Meek Mill – Tee Grizzley
Ice Cream – Meek Mill
Caterpillar Ft. Eminem – Royce Da 5”9
Caterpillar (Remix) Ft. Logic – Royce Da 5”9
Anything/Everything – Royce Da 5”9
Pump It Up – Joe Budden
Nice For What – Drake
Come Through & Chill Ft. J Cole – Miguel
Still Standing – Children Of Zeus
Serious – Colonel Loud x Nico Barino
Go On Ft. October London – Snoop Dogg
Good Sex & Love Ft. Charnel – 2 Fly Guyz
Joy & Pain Ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff – Rob Base x DJ Ez Rock
Brkin Bag Ft. 24hrs – John Hart
No Choice – Alonzo Fury

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On this episode of CellJam featured Album cuts from the legendary Royce Da 5″9’s latest project “The Book of Ryan”. Also featured music from the featured “Fantastic 4” talents that have been pushing out that heat that will save the day! This week’s assembled fantastic 4: Childish Gambino, Malibu Mitch, Rapsody and The Children Of Zeus.

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The Fantastic 4 (Childish Gambino)

The Fantastic 4 features four distinct artists assembled with their heat that will be guaranteed to save your ear holes from utter destruction. This weeks assembled fantastic 4:

Name: Childish Gambino a.k.a Donald Glover
Age: 34
Place Of Birth: Edwards Air Force Base, California, U.S.
Song Featured: This Is America
Latest Project: None to report!

There is always great content out there, we just have to look for it because greatness is never given or spoon fed, it is only discovered. Upon hearing this song, I didn’t know what to expect from Childish Gambino, for the proper understanding of the song, you need to watch the video, there are a lot of symbolism in the video that suggests that there is no difference between present day America and the Americas of the 1700s to the early 1900s. The overall message of the song was that I interpreted was that there is active coonery in America when things are not okay. That the only way we make the money in order to support our families and communities is by doing the exact same things that was done to please the masters that controlled the slaves whilst also subtly touching on the fact even if you acted like a coon or not, you are always at risk of losing your life. The first scene demonstrated this message in minute 0:45-0:51 of the track where the man was sitting there not really doing anything yet was shot. Minute 1:50-1:57, the whole setting where he gunned down the choir that was simple singing, reminding us of the incident that in Charleston where members of an all Black church was gunned down by the assailant Dylann Roof in 2015 whom is currently facing either life in prison or the dealth penalty. Get this, Childish Gambino went as far as using a replica of the rifle that was used in Charleston by Dylann. There was a lot of messages in this song that covered the prison system, the ignorance of the youth whom make themselves oblivious to their present conditions by just “jocking” and “jiving” translating to creating the latest dance moves and showing off to the masters. Nothing wrong with dancing but now isnt the time is what Childish Gambino may have been narrating with this track (More music like this please, IM BEGGING ALL YOU ARTISTS OUT THERE).

In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Childish Gambino shared his experiences when he was marginalised by the police adding his view of the experience that these problems in society are happening to blacks everywhere due to the fact they are painted as worthless and we have to begin to live what we speak or in other words practice what we preach. This added a different narrative to this track that he made which gave revealed a much deeper message to what Gambino was talking about in the song. If you noticed after every shooting, everything stops for a few secs and then he just goes right back to dancing suggesting that we are really quick to dismiss these problems and label it down to a few rotten apples. I agree with Childish Gambino that the living our truth is the hardest part, because if you are not willing to live your truth, whats the point of living? A live pleased is a life spent is what I always.

Kanye West had articulated himself as well as Gambino has done with this masterpiece of a track!

The Fantastic 4 (Rapsody)

The Fantastic 4 features four distinct artists assembled with their heat that will be guaranteed to save your ear holes from utter destruction. This weeks assembled fantastic 4:

Name: Marlana Evans aka Rapsody
Age: 35
Place Of Birth: Snow Hill, North Carolina, U.S.
Song Featured: Sassy
Latest Project: Laila’s Wisdom

Probably the best female rapper since Lauryn Hill, maybe I loved the fact that she reference a house track that I know I have got but cannot remember the name of it (thats how house tracks are like). But nonetheless its a great song to show the example that women should set, it was quite motivational video, not just in the sense that not all breakups should be tears and eating ice cream but more of the narrative that great friends can help you through. Very corny, very, very, corny, but one cant help but think that this was a bigger message of unity amongst women. Currently in Hip Hop/rap, women are not often given the best, either through being over sexualised or being put against eachother when one gets a little bit of shine, although this may not have been demonstrated in the song, it offers the narrative that women should always be there for each other. Rapsody has always stood far away from all of the drama, her and Dej Loaf. I really hope they do a song together. Definitely a fantastic artist in my eyes!

The Fantastic 4 (Maliibu Miitch)

The Fantastic 4 features four distinct artists assembled with their heat that will be guaranteed to save your ear holes from utter destruction. This weeks assembled fantastic 4:

Name: Maliibu Miitch
Age: 27
Place Of Birth: South Bronx, New York, U.S.
Song Featured: Give Her Some Money
Latest Project: None to Report

She is definitely not another Cardi B but what she is rapping about in this track is not far from Cardi’s comeup story. With no stripper past, the rapper is next in line to become big, her flow and delivery in this track is next to nothing. This song leaves the listener with questions of what more does she have to offer in order to give her the money she deserves. I think if she continues to put into her artistry she can be big, she really reminds me of Lil Kim. No doubt she definitely has the rapping ability as well as a likeable persona, its just what she does with it. The one thing I see in her is the fact that she can literally switch up her flows as she pleases, she make it really simple and in the same track change it up to sound complex.

She combines witty lyrics and a gritty delivery with a huge personality to match. Her approach to becoming a heavyweight in the arguable over-saturated rap game has been calculated and meticulous – she has put in the work, waited her turn and upon emerging has stepped up to the plate prompting even PITCHFORK to ask whether Maliibu is in fact “NYC’s best new rapper”.

With her first mixtape entitled “Maliibu Miitch Top 5”, Maliibu paid homage to the top five female MC’s in recent rap history. She spit original and self-written bars to the classics of Lil’ Kim, Lauryn Hill, Eve, Foxy Brown, and Missy Elliot with a digital premiere on PAPER MAG. Proving her range in talent and skill, Maliibu went on to release her first priginal track, “4AM”, product by Paul Couture. The song initially premiered with THE FADER, and was subsequently picked up by Pitchfork as the week’s Best New Track. REVOLT TV produced and aired a mini documentary on Maliibu and her rise as a rapper. Most recently featured in VIACOM HYPE & INFLUENCE documentary accompanied by TIMES SQUARE billboard. Maliibu has additional releases planned over the nexdt few summer months…so watch this space!

This interview tells you all you need to know about her.

The Fantastic 4 (Children Of Zeus)

The Fantastic 4 features four distinct artists assembled with their heat that will be guaranteed to save your ear holes from utter destruction. This weeks assembled fantastic 4:

Name: Children Of Zeus (Members:Konny Kon x Tyler Daley)
Age: Null
Place Of Birth: Manchester, England, U.K.
Song Featured: All Night
Latest Project: The Story so far…

The Children Of Zeus have been taking the North of England by storm, the Duo from Manchester impressed so much with their debut album that even the legendary Jazzy Jeff gave the album a well deserved mention on his twitter.

I shall be doing an album review on their debut project but what caught my eye with this track is how confident Konny Kon is with his flow and delivery, the lad has improved in recent years, not just that, but Tyler’s ability to smoothly set the mood for what is a modern classic of a soulful track. Please support the Children of Zeus
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