Its Hip Hop’s 45th Anniversary on August 11th and on this episode, we done a special throwback episode, previewing one of the directions we shall be taking the show next season. The fantastic 4 artist this week that were assembled for this episode was Jay-Z, Nas, E-40 and Lil Jon and we were looking at the most successful crossover, the least successful crossover from the 90s, the most overlooked and the most innovative. With only 2 episodes left in the 2nd season of CellJam, we are well and truly into the previews for Season 3.



  1. Swagga Like Us – T.I.
  2. Shutterbug – Big Boi
  3. I Get Money – 50 Cent
  4. Baby By Me Ft. Neyo – 50 Cent
  5. I Wanna Rock (G Mix) – Snoop Dogg
  6. Classic Better Than I Ever Been (DJ Premier Remix) – Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One, Rakim
  7. Vato Ft. B-Real – Snoop Dogg
  8. Blow The Whistle Whistle – Too Short
  9. Hands Up Ft. 50 Cent – Lloyd Banks
  10. Stand Up – Ludacris
  11. Move Bitch – Ludacris
  12. Oh My God – Jay Z
  13. Dirt Off Your Shoulder – Jay Z
  14. The Watcher 2 Ft. Dr.Dre, Rakim x Truth Hurts – Jay Z
  15. Oochie Wally – Nas x Bravehearts
  16. Got Yourself A Gun – Nas
  17. Hip Hop Is Dead Ft. Will.I.Am – Nas
  18. U And Dat Ft. T-Pain x Kandi Girl – E-40
  19. Tell Me When To Go Ft. Keek Da Sneak – E-40
  20. My Cutie Pie Ft. T-Pain, Problem x Snoop Dogg – Lil Jon
  21. Get Low – Lil Jon x Eastside Boyz
  22. Beautiful – Snoop Dogg
  23. That Girl Ft. Snoop Dogg – Pharell
  24. Think Good Thoughts Ft. Little Brother – Drake
  25. Growing Pains – Ludacris
  26. Millionaire Ft. Andre 3000 – Kelis
  27. Jackson – Outkast
  28. Outta Control Ft. Mobb Deep – 50 Cent
  29. Hold You Down Ft. Nina Sky, Prodigy x Illa Ghee – Alchemist
Jay Z (Fantastic 4)

Started his career in 1990 and has been active ever since. He is the one rapper from the golden age whom have aged extremely well. His last album 4:11 released in 2017 went platinum selling a million copies first week, but we are not talking about that. From the La familia to the blueprint. Jay Z had already cemented his name in the hall of fame, retired in 2007, came back from retirement (which really pissed me off) and dropped the blueprint 3 which went platinum. He is the only rapper in Hip Hop history that has gone platinum in every studio album released! Phenominal, as time moves, so does he! There are many rappers others can name that are 10x better than Jay Z in terms of content or lyrical content, but there are very few that can master the 48th law of power in the book 48 laws of power by Robert Greene, which is assume formlessness.

Its only right for me to pull up my all time favourite Jay Z track:

Nas (Fantastic 4)

Many will not agree with why I featured Nas as an artist from the 90s golden age era whose crossover was not as successful in the 00s but its the elephant in the room as when compared to his long time rival Jay Z, you can name any album and it would be dubbed a classic (albums from 1999-2009). After the success of illmatic, It was written and I am, he has not really aged well. Being only 17 when he released Illmatic which went instantly platinum, was awarded and hailed as the greatest Hip Hop album ever and it was dubbed an instant classic by reviewers when it was released. This album aged very well as the years gone on, however, at the turn of the century, Nastradamus, The Lost Tapes, Gods Son, Streets Disciple, Hip Hop Is Dead and Untitled these albums have not performed well at all throughout the 00s era. Whilst, Jay Z went strength to strength after the Ethering that Nas dished out at the turn of the century has gone strength to strength. Its only right that I flip my favourite Nas record that I grew up with!

E-40 (Fantastic 4)

Started his career in the 1986 and has possibly been the longest serving rapper and the hardest working rapper alive. Every single year from 2008 he has dropped an album and all very creative. I am not as acquainted with E-40’s music until 2006 when my favourite rapper at the time (T-Pain) featured on “U and Dat” which featured in the album “My ghetto report card” which I will always think that the album is a bay area classic! This isn’t his first work, upon further research, I discovered that he had dropped 8 albums from 1993-2003 which got me question, why have I heard of Jay Z and Nas and all these artists in the year 2000 which is the year that I first started listening to Hip Hop properly. I personally believe he is the most overlooked Hip Hop artist in the game. It was because of him I really started paying attention to the bay area of the west coast and even discovered of who Too Short was, because, after listening to E-40’s “My Ghetto Report Card”. Let me flip it back to my most favourite E-40 record.

Lil Jon (Fantastic 4)

Disclaimer: I am not his biggest fan but his work cannot go unnoticed! Without the creation of the sub-genre crunk, we wouldn’t have Jersey Club nor Trap Music today. It also have to be noted that the Crunk style of hip hop also influenced some songs from the West coast also. Lil Jon has to be the most innovative rapper that came from the 90s and cemented himself on the 00s. It may not be the classic track “Get Low” which put Lil Jon on the map but this is my favourite record of his.


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