After being from probation after probation and quite possibly facing another jail time, Meek has been through it and through it all gave us consistent content. After a successful Legends of The Summer EP rollout,. he unveilded his Fourth studio album “Championships” and this is our take on it. More information regarding the album including track by track reactions, online streaming and a preferred tracklist is available here:
Song Credit: I wanna know – Jahlil Beats
I won’t run away – Orchestra
Track By Track Reaction!
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Intro:- I love the sample that Meek Mill uses in this track, he definitely lived up to the title of “The Intro King”, this track not only set the tone for what you are in for in the album but a great use of a classic track by Phil Collins however, to me it didnt sit well with the message that was being sent out. Nonetheless, it is definitely still a banger of a track and opened up the album in a stylish fashion. (7/10)
Trauma:- I loved how he compared the prison system as modern slavery, where blacks and Latinos or brown people are subjugated to being for sale in the prison system for just a low cost of $0.11 to big corporations. A great comparison to the slavery that occurred in the 1600s. (8/10)
Uptown Vibes:- A club record for sure, i liked the style in which he brought in by bringing in the Latin flava. I liked the instrumentation on this track but unfortunately, this was the song that showed that this album would be all over the place. (6/10)
On Me (Ft. Cardi B):- Loved the intrumental on this track, its completely fire and an ideal club record. I was quite impressed with Cardi’s verse as it matched the energy of Meek and done well in the record. I wonder who wrote that for her. (7/10)
What’s Free (Ft. Rick Ross x Jay Z):- Possibly the best song on the album, a very creative move to flip biggie’s classic track “Whats Beef” and turn it into a thought provoking track rather than the original threat of a song where one is educated to what beef is. This polar opposite still kept a great equilibrium without much of a change to the mood of the track. (9/10)
Respect The Game:- I like the way in which he broke down the unwritten rules of the game, this was possibly the only decent transition from “What’s Free” in terms of the topic to be discussed. (7/10)
Splash Warning:- This wasn’t a good track in my eyes, Meek Mill brought the energy but not particularly a club banger. Skip it or throw it away or do both. (4/10)
Championships:- I admire the message here which reflects why the title of the album is called “Championships”, it encourages young children to put down the drugs and epitomises his activist side of him of late. I like how he really highlighted what the media wont show and why he is a true champion, as well as others what make it out of that, I liked the instrumental on this also, it was really fitting to the message and quite motivational. (8/10)
Going Bad Ft. Drake:- wOOOOOOOO, I cannot believe this collaboration, since R.I.C.O., I have not heard this two on the same track and both of them finally ‘back 2 back’ like the cover of *pfft* I was too excited. This is a straight club banger, both the energies of Drake and Meek Mill were in harmony, and Drake also giving us a presentation of the different flows he is bring to the table was very impressive. (9/10)
Almost Slipped:-  When Meek makes a RnB track, it will be very memorable or just straight unbearable. Guess which this falls under, its the opposite of being able to bear something. Skip or throw away its up to you! (2/10)
Tic Tac Toes Ft. Kodak Black:- Not only did it come from an awful song but this just comes in way too hard ruining the mood that was set by the previous track, Kodak Black didnt do bad on the hooks but it was too much for me to follow up! (4/10)
24/7 Ft. Ella Mai:- This was the track that woke me up and lifted my mood, Ella Mai’s vocals as well as the flow and the smooth energy in which Meek Mill brought to this track, it really was memorable, like I said earlier, when Meek makes an R&B track, it can be a dud or just the best thing you heard and this is no exception. It will be on repeat until further notice. (9/10)
Oodles Noodles Babies:- This would be the second decent transition and this time it was well transitioned in terms of mood and retaining some of the elements from 24/7, it was quite smooth but the difference of topics doesn’t mask how untidy the album is having a conscious message like this come from no where but still a very good piece of work. (7/10)
Pay you back ft. 21 Savage:-
If you thought I was harsh with the criticism of “Splash Warning”, perhaps you can see how this track is just a million time better as a club hit than splash, play both tracks at a distance where you can still hear the wirds and the beat and you would understand (7/10)
100 Summers:- Average piece of work, I think this is the throw away black hole of this album where you may be compelled to skip back to back tracks! (5/10)
Wit The Sh*ts Ft. Melli – The lyricism in this track wasn’t actually bad, I especially liked the Kaepernick line. If I am honest, from Pay You Back, this section has been pretty consistent in terms of it being designed for the club. (6/10)
Stuck In My Ways:- If I was to compare Meek to a soccer player it would be Nicolas Anelka, starts off extremely well in a match, mid match, he disappears and is sluggish but in the end he always finishes strong and will get you that all important goal. Thats what this album has been like, he came in good in the end with some sort of flow and ended the club/street section quite well, it was a tidy finish. Still not a fan of the song but a real highlight to his consistency near the end. (6/10)
Dangerous Ft. PnB Rock x Jeremih:-
The third R&B track of the album and this was as good as 24/7 earlier, when I heard this on Legends Of The Summer I was very impressed, I can see why he saved it for the end but overall, I love the R&B features he brought to the album. (8/10)
Cold Hearted II:- Like I said very consistent in the end, the flow and mood from Pay you back has been consistent and to bring the album to a good end like this was good. I only wished he did this earlier. The track was a good outro once again epitomising why he is champion and that is via the lessons he has learnt, as well as the decisions he has made after learning these lessons! (7/10)




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Wit The Sh*ts Ft. Melli
Almost Slipped
Splashed Warning

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