In this January period known as the dryest month making the Sahara dessert look like the cosiest rainforest known to man, Cell takes the opportunity to review the albums from 2018 that he didn’t get a chance to and this month, he is reviewing FETTI Roma, a collaborative album with Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist!

Hope you enjoy the review!

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Track By Track Reaction!
***New feature to Cell Reviews where we give T-Cell’s first description to each track.

Location Remote
Vintage hip hop intro and a mood setter for the album. It is also vintage Alchemist style of productions. Freddie Gibbs ran circles on this track with some lyrical onslaught
The Blow
Continued on with the topic that was discussed in the first track which was the women and drug dealing, Gibbs again destroying the track by delivering the hottest freestyle! Currensy really flexed here to with his performance. It was a good follow up from the first track
New Thangs
We now transition to women and pimping. Again common theme is the daily life on the streets. Again very good transition from Currency finishing and starting this track off and delivering a smooth rap that eases you for Gibbs clear and more aggressive tone that comes with him. This track shows the chemistry between the two artists.
Saturday Night Special
Very smart to let currency go first, for a smooth beat like this his voice blended well, again allowing Gibbs to enter later when people are used to it to deliver his message. This track was more on flexing how good they are.
Now & Later Gators
Delivering an R&B type of Slow Jam esque track on a hip hop album was always going to be challenging but they made this work really well. I liked how Gibbs fined tuned his flow to suit the mood they did good on this track
No Window Tints
I really liked the prospect of this track painting the picture of how much respect they have on the streets that they don’t need to hide and aren’t worried of death.
Willie Lloyd
The climax of the album and a great performance from both artists, the style of flow delivered by Gibbs is one to behold whilst continuing on from the story in window tints and really driving home the subtle proposed point in that track that they have respect and lots of it.
An interesting take from both artists are painting a picture of themselves visiting Guadalajara, Mexico whom these people are called Tapatios which is mainly taking about the life of the party and fine cuisine before they were interrupted by shooters. Another story of the streets of how things can change so quickly just when one would think it has changed.
Bundy & Sincere
Continuing on brilliantly from Tapatio, Currency delivered such a vivid image and a smooth rap wow with Gibbs finishing off a wonderful story of the leisure side of street life.

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