South Carolina native Nick Grant released a really slept on album of 2018. Released on 18th May, Nick has received mixed reviews on the album with a lot of people preferring ‘The Return Of The Cool’ to ‘Dreamin Out Loud’. T-Cell states his point of view having had time to digest the album since its release. Do you agree with Celly’s point of view… Let us know in the comments below!
Song Credit:
96 Bulls by Nick Grant (prod. by Tone P.)
Carried Away – J Tha Producer
Track By Track Reaction!
***New feature to Cell Reviews where we give T-Cell’s first description to each track.
BJ Intro 7/10
This intro was very direct in what the album is about and not a very bad intro. In fact this was very reminiscent of the previous project Return of the cool and gives returning listening a mini taste of that
96 bulls 8/10
Imagines the good life and what it would be like to live the life that the 96 bulls lived in their 72 game record winning year and on top of the NBA records in this point. With the intro in mind, you can see that Nick Grant wants to be like the 96 bulls of the rap game. In my opinion this was the best lyrical display on the entire album and it is in congruent with the message of him dreaming to be the best.
Nicky Bomaye 7/10
Another great display to once again show his ability and commercial relevance with the choice of feature and instrumental. A great display to assert his presence despite the hate he has received for his ability and the route he is now going in.
All In Stride 5/10
I didnt feel this track it was average at best and didnt really paint a congruent picture to what he has let us know from the intro or building on what he has discussed already like he done with Nicky Bomaye
The Switch Up 6/10
This an improvement from the last track but still not the best, I do like the commercial appeal and the story its telling in terms of him switching up if he wants to realise his dreams of being like the 96 bulls, I like how he showed that he has more than one flow and really getting at critics who say he is montonous or doesn’t have versatitility.
Bleu Cheese 6/10
He finally goes back on topic on dreaming of that life he so wants, I like the switch up in flows, I must admit the different layers to his ability that he is showing here is quite exquisite considering in the return of the cool, he wasnt as versatile in terms of presenting different facets of himself.
Save the Trilldren 6/10
I like the story telling in this track representing the children in the trill who are also dreamers like him but never get to make it, he also reflects on life growing up in the ghetto and again reiterating that he is dreaming of doing this for those whose come up is like his however his story is sometimes inconsistent with the overall message
Father Figure 9/10
This track showed the improvement that Nick Grant has made in such a short space of time and in my opinion has topped return of the cool. This track not only presented a layer of him dreaming that he could see his father one last time but it also shows the troubles and challenges he faced whilst he was alive and how his last words before he died were not so positive leaving him now to wonder what if. In fact the entire story was before he had died, and the vulnerability to express that here whilst maintaining a consistent lyric has highlighted the potential that he has in this industry. This track brought the album to live, it was just vulnerable.
The funeral 9/10
It shows how Nick took care with the flow as this was a very good interlude from the previous track
Lincoln Apts 8/10
An interesting take on love which in a way brings the chapter from save the trillden to a close, this is a good flow to a story and the substance of an album as it makes you consider the different aspects he has presented in the album. I felt he should have had this track at the end of the album
Gentlemens paradise 8/10
Instrumentally i loved the deep bass guitar strings on show here representing that vintage hip hop feel in a more upbeat style, in all honesty the suggestive delivery he has is one to behold as well must be noted, some really good vocals from Bhess, its a vintage Hip Hop and neo soul partnership.
Gucci Plug 6/10
instrumental this was the place for the record, granted not a bad song but not great, this track should have been before bleu cheese, in a way it ruined the mood set from father figure till Gentlemens paradise as in Black Woman it returned to that similar flow. Overall track was very good.
Black Woman 8/10
Possibly the best vocal display by Stacy Barth in a genius track of appreciation to the roles that the black women play in some difficult situations. It also offers another layer  to his story when you consider the lack of a father figure in his life. In a way at the same time, it should serve as a track for the men to step up and be better at their roles, they were some valid points raised in this track coupled with some fine story telling.
The Ode 8/10
Album ends on a real subtle note and not a bad one either, I still would prefer for this track to be swapped with Lincoln Apts. but that being said, it would be a deficit to the story told in Black Woman as this track feels like its building on that by presenting some of the difficulties it can be to be with a black woman and further showing how difficult it can be to uphold the message he preached earlier. This piece of story telling kind of subtly shows that Nick isn’t perfect and at the same time, shows a lot of growth by taking the opportunity to show what they go through with different men. In that sense it was a fitting end.



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